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Composting Worms

  If you already have a worm farm or compost bin and need some worms to get it all started, I can supply 250g (thats a lot of worms) for $40 which includes courier charge (rural delivery will be $7 extra) or if you need a larger quantity - more likely for a new compost bin or Hungry Bin, 500g is $72.  When I send worms via courier, they are surrounded by lots of vermicompost and there will also be lots of worm capsules in the mix, this will be the next generation. 


Worms can increase their population very quickly when conditions are right, so don't be tempted to purchase more than you actually need.  A stacking worm farm, such as the can o worms or worm cafe, really only needs 250g as a starter. the worms will breed freely and their number will increase to fit the space and food available. If you start with 500g, the worms will be less likely to breed as the population will self regulate and there is a higher possibility they will try to escape.