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15 litre Vermi Compost/worm castings


  Vermicompost makes an excellent plant tonic when used either in liquid or dry form and a little goes a long way.

This is sold by volume as the moisture content can vary and this has a bearing on the total weight.

Please note that free shipping applies to 1 bag only, please contact me if you would like more than 1.


* simply mix a cup of vc into a bucket of water and allow to brew, with an occasional stir,  for at least 24 hours to make a plant tonic. It can also be used as a foliar feed if well strained.

*sprinkle a little of the dry vermicompost on top of existing compost in pots or planters to give the plants a slow release tonic - each time the plants are watered, a little of the nutrients are released

* add 1 part vermicompost to 10 parts potting compost for plants that have a high demand for nutrients. -such as tomatoes.

* use as a soil amendment when planting, sprinkle a handful in and around the planting hole to give the soil a microbial boost and help get your new plant off to a great start.

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