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The weight of worms will be  approx 300 - 400g and there will also be a good number of white worms (enchytraeids) in the mix, White worms are very good at breaking down starchy material and they are a good companion to the composting worm Eisinia fetida.


This mix will include all sorts of other creatures to get your compost bin going, Worms do live in a community and a compost bin is a mini ecosystem with a myriad of life, most of which are microscopic such as bacteria and fungi, but they all play an important role in converting organic matter into a form that we can utilize for our plants.

The mix will be sent in some pre processed vermicompost, mainly to protect them during transit and when they arrive, you just need to add them as close to the bottom of your compost bin as possible and let the worms work their way through it.  

The enclosed black plastic compost bins will make excellent compost but the key to success is ensuring that there is adequate moisture, keeping the lid on permenantly does prevent rain from getting in and the contents can often be too dry for any decomposition to take place, so if you do need to keep the lid on because you want to keep other creatures out, then try to regularly add water, a couple of watering cans full at a time will usually be enough for a month or so.


The boxes and paper that the worms are sent in can also be added to the compost. An email will be sent to confirm your order, this often ends up in the spam folder, so please check. Payment is via internet banking and the confirmation email has the bank account number

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