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VCT tea bags


New in the Compostshop, the totally re usable VCT tea bag

$15 FOR 10 BAGS.

VCT tea bags - Vermi Compost Tonic.

Making your own plant tonic is easy with these tea bags - it's just like making tea (well nearly).  Simply suspend the bags in either a bucket or watering can, allow to steep for at least 24 hours, give it an occasional stir and you will have a lovely liquid tonic for all your plants, inside and out.


The bags can be used several times - the tonic will get weaker with each use, but it will still have some nutrients.

When you have extracted all the goodness from the tea bag, snip the string and re use it for tying plants, the bag material can be used to line pots before filling with compost, thus preventing the compost from falling through the holes, but will still provide drainage and the spent vc can be added to your potting mix.  No waste.

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