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Worms for sale 250g


250g of of healthy lively worms supplied with a good quantity of partially processed vermicompost (their home and their own little ecosystem). Also included with the live worms will be a good quantity ofcocoons, which are unhatched worm eggs. These will hatch in your worm bin and immediately start feeding.

Bedding requirements

If you are starting a worm farm that has a coco fibre brick included, this will be sufficient for the intitial bedding.

If you do not have a coco brick, you can make some perfectly suitable bedding material by using finely torn up corrugated cardboard mixed with shredded paper, this should be very damp, so when a handful is squeezed, a little moisture comes out.  About 20cm of this in the working tray (the one with the holes) of the worm farm is ideal. If you can get hold of a bit of garden compost (about two ice cream containers full will be sufficient) and add this to the cardboard/paper mix, that will make it even better. Do not use potting compost as it often contains fertilizer - this is not good for the worms.  When the worms arrive, just add them to the top of this mix and they will be fine.

In ideal conditions, (such as 15-20c temperature – good moisture, ample nutrition)  the cocoons will hatch in approx. 30 days and these worms mature and reach breeding age in aprox. 12-15 weeks.

This quantity of worms is sufficient to get a Worm Factory, Can O Worms, Worm Cafe or any other stacking system started.

The worms will breed and numbers will multiply quite quickly in warm weather, so your population will expand rapidly if they are happy in their environment.


Please be assured that you will be supplied with 250g of worms, these are carefully sorted and weighed before being added to the bedding medium they are sent in. During transit, they will wriggle their way through the bedding so it is important to add all of this to your worm farm and check the newspaper that lines the box, they may have got into the folds..


WHEN ORDERING please only order if you can supply an address where the parcel can be signed for, otherwise  give instructions at checkout where the parcel can be left out of the sun,  if no one is likely to be home.  I can make a note on the address label which will authorise the courier to leave it.  I am unable to send to P O Box numbers or rural addresses in Northland or the East Coast as the travelling time is too long.

I send orders for live worms on Monday or Tuesdays to avoid them being held up in transit.  Please note, free shipping applies to main towns only,  there is an additional $7 charge for deliveries to addresses serviced by the rural network.

Please add the rural delivery to your shopping cart. An email will be sent to confirm your order, this often ends up in the spam folder, so please check. Payment is via internet banking and the confirmation email has the bank account number.


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